Yorkshire Rabbit Golf Association

Plowright Trophy Rules



1. All players in the YRGA competitions must be a Rabbit Golfer as defined in the YRGA Constitution and Rules.

2. All players must have a Competition Handicap certificate and it is the responsibility of all players to produce evidence of their handicap.

Note: The handicap certificate must be dated no earlier than 28 days prior to the competition.

Electronic displays (The YRGA will not provide or facilitate for this) are acceptable at the players risk

3. The use of Artificial Aids (Distant Finders) is allowed under the Rules of Golf 4.3a(1) unless there is a local rule in place forbidding such use. This must be confirmed before playing

4. Competitions will be played according to the Rules of Golf as amended by the local rules applicable to the course where the competition is being played

5. The use of ride on buggies is permitted under the Rules of Golf provided that the person(s) using them produce a signed doctor’s certificate confirming the need of such a buggy.

Plowright Rules


1. The Plowright Trophy is a team Stableford competition between all Areas within the Association played at the YRGA Vice-President's home club. The teams are selected by the Presidents of each Area who should ensure the following:

(a) that his team is comprised of

- 4 players in playing Handicap range 16-20

- 4 players in Handicap range 21-54

(b) that all players handicaps are current and that they have the correct Handicap Certificates on the day of the competition.


2. Play will be individual Stableford over 18 holes

The three best cards in each handicap category submitted by each team will count and the team with the highest Stableford total will be declared the winners.

In the event of a tie the winners will be decided by count back of the back 9, back 6, back 3 and so on down to the final hole if necessary of the combined six scoring cards of each team.


3. If at short notice an Area is unable to field a full team as shown above then that Area may still take part in the competition. That Area's total score will be determined by adding the scores of a maximum of 3 players from each handicap category. Players can play only in the category determined by their CONGU Competition Handicap. In the event that an Area has five players in either category then the four players whose scores are to count must be nominated prior to play commencing.