Yorkshire Rabbit Golf Association

Thornton Trophy Rules



1. All players in the YRGA competitions must be a Rabbit Golfer as defined in the YRGA Constitution and Rules.

2. All players must have a Competition Handicap certificate and it is the responsibility of all players to produce evidence of their handicap.

Note: The handicap certificate must be dated no earlier than 28 days prior to the competition.

Electronic displays (The YRGA will not provide or facilitate for this) are acceptable at the players risk

3. The use of Artificial Aids (Distant Finders) is allowed under the Rules of Golf 4.3a(1) unless there is a local rule in place forbidding such use. This must be confirmed before playing

4. Competitions will be played according to the Rules of Golf as amended by the local rules applicable to the course where the competition is being played

5. The use of ride on buggies is permitted under the Rules of Golf provided that the person(s) using them produce a signed doctor’s certificate confirming the need of such a buggy.


Thornton Rules

1. Each member Rabbit Section may enter one team of two players comprising one each from handicap divisions 16 - 20 & 21 - 54

2. The competition shall be singles stableford over 18 holes and the team with the highest stableford score will be declared the winners of the Thornton Trophy. They will receive prizes in addition. The runners up will also receive prizes

3. There will also be individual trophies and prizes as follows:
Norman Watson Cup – Best Stableford Score
Fred Brown Salver – Runner-up Stableford Score
The Norman Watson Cup will take precedence over the Fred Brown Salver
Prize for Best Stableford score Handicap 16 -20 (other than above)
Prize for Best Stableford score Handicap 21-54 (other than above)
No player may receive more than one individual prize

4 In the event of a tie the Executive will make awards on the result of:
- the last 9 holes
- the last 6 holes
- the last 3 holes
and so on down to the final hole if necessary.

5 Players must submit a current official handicap certificate from their club by 1800 hours on the day of the competition.

6 Players must report to the YRGA officials at least 30 minutes before their start time.
Failure to do so will result in their being disqualified from the competition